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How-to-cosplay-Foxfire-Ahri by Draxaca How-to-cosplay-Foxfire-Ahri by Draxaca
So I randomly decided I could do a Foxfire Ahri cosplay after i've finished my worgen one (almost done except for arm and leg bracers). Went sketching and worked it out on photoshop. I put lengths in cm for myself (165cm, 55 kg) so it's probably too small for most others. Also put some color tags to easily see what colors I need.
I'm still thinking about decorating the red edges with thick red thread instead of just a red fabric edge but that'll require lots of time (it'll look awesome though). I might also use plastic pipes for the tails, they're used for electric wiring and can be easily bent if you heat them up. Disadvantage is that you can't bent the tails later anymore, but it's lightwight and sturdy.

What you'll need:
A sewing machine and knowing how to handle it!
Black/brown/darkblue skai (fake) leather, bit over 1m square
Red fabric
Yellow/orange fabric
White fabric (top and arms)
Red cotton thread (or just the red fabric if you dont want to exxaggerate on the red edges, requires more sewing though)
Curtain rope
Thick yellow cotton thread for the details on the boots
Worbla or similar stuff (i'll be using paper mache and some wiring) to make the skirt and the gloves
Long (red) zipper for the back of the top
A tiara for the ears (preferably small and black)
Velcro (my best friend)
Lots of orangy faux fur for the tails and ears
Some metal rings n stuff you can find in the sheet 
Sturdy metal wire for the tails (sturdy enough to hold them up but not slow you down) and a belt to attach them to. You can also use tough foam (the kind they use in matresses or construction foam). Cut the foam in shape and fill your tails with it, they will be very light and keep shape. Wear the belt under the skirt, or attach it within the skirt
A local market to find most of the stuff above!

Any questions? Just comment or send a PM!

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DenkiSutoraiki Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is exactly what I needed for my cosplay <33 Oh my gosh, thank you a million times over for uploading this! ;  ^  ; I hope I can make it as great as yours though, haha. I don't have much experience and before the Ahri cosplay, I'm working on a Yasuo one to practice since his design is a bit simple.
Draxaca Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Student General Artist
Great to help someone out! :D Can't wait to see your cosplay in some league cosplay group then, goodluck with it :) If you need tips you can always message me
DenkiSutoraiki Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll send you a direct link if you'd like to show you how the Foxfire Ahri comes out~ ^-^
And thank you, I appreciate your generosity~ <3
Draxaca Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Student General Artist
Made the top already, view it here:…
Things I changed: I used darkbrown skai (the specific color of the model of foxfire was nowhere to be found so i decided ill go for the brown color in the splash art), I used some metal wiring in the top to keep things straight (more like a real corset) and i stuffed the cups (obv i dont have bra size D with my 165cm haha).
I luckily found some old braids of red cotton fabric in a random for sale stuff bin at a shop so i decorated the edges with them (theyre beautiful)
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February 23, 2014
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